NP Digital Releases Inaugural Digital Marketing Salary Trends Report

NP Digital’s Global Survey Reveals Digital Marketing Compensation Trends and More

San Diego, Dec. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NP Digital, a leader in end-to-end performance marketing, has released findings from its debut Digital Marketing Salary Trends Report. The report gathers insights from digital marketing professionals worldwide, shedding light on industry salary trends and revealing what professionals truly earn. It provides average earnings for various digital marketing roles from SEO to PR, explores how experience and company size affect pay, and examines whether salary correlates with job satisfaction.

The report draws insights from a robust pool of more than 3,700 digital marketers across 100 countries. Respondents include in-house, agency, and freelance marketers in the United States and globally.

“The survey findings highlight the strong link between benefits and job satisfaction among digital marketers. Flexible hours, remote work, health insurance—even in countries with universal healthcare—paid time off, and retirement plans are key factors shaping overall satisfaction. While compensation still plays a large role in job satisfaction, benefits and perks should be strongly considered by companies in an effort to foster a fulfilling work environment, boost job satisfaction, and hire top talent,” said Michelle Scully, Vice President of Human Resources at NP Digital.

Standout trends from the report:

  • U.S. vs. Global Salaries: The average yearly compensation for digital marketing professionals in the U.S. stands at $86.9K, while globally, the average is $53.6K. Notably, the U.S. average is influenced by a smaller yet prominent segment with exceptionally high salaries.
  • Remote Work Dynamics: The U.S. leads in remote work adoption, with 54.7% of respondents indicating remote employment, followed by India (13.6%) and Canada (8.4%).
  • Top-Earning Roles: In the U.S., the highest-earning roles encompass Growth-Oriented, Strategic/Top-Level Management, and Strategy-Oriented positions. Conversely, E-Commerce, Social Media, and Copywriting roles report comparatively lower compensations.
  • Gender Disparities: Despite a higher female presence in the industry, men consistently earn more across all seniority levels in the U.S. The gap is most pronounced among freelancers.
  • Valued Benefits: Flexibility in working hours tops the list of globally valued benefits, followed closely by remote work opportunities.
  • Attrition Factors: Globally, low compensation remains a main reason for digital marketers leaving their roles, along with desires for improved work-life balance and more engaging work environments.

NP Digital’s Digital Marketing Salary Trends Report aims to promote transparency in compensation discussions, empowering digital marketers to gauge their worth and equipping decision-makers with actionable insights to enhance employee satisfaction.

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